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#7. Institute leadership of people

The aim of management should be to help people to do a better job. Leadership is in need of an over haul; the job of leaders is to help people succeed at their jobs.

Adopt and instituteleadership aimed at helping people to do a better job.The emphasis ofmanagement must be changed from sheer numbers to quality. Improvement of quality willautomatically improve productivity.Management must ensure that investigation and actions aretakenon reports of inherited defects, You can’t delegate quality,it’sa road to failure.The basicprinciple is that it’s the manager's job to coach their staff and improve the systemFirstly, they spend time in the work reinforcing the organizations commitment to itscustomers and to quality.Secondly, they devote time to ensuring the staff doing the work have everything theyneed to be able to serve the customer.Thirdly, when they have a decision to make about either of the above, they get data tobase their decisions on. There is no knee jerk, instead they get educated to make an"educated" decision.

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