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ECIC can provide Lean training in all of the fundamental tools of Lean improvement. ECIC has instructed companies in a wide array of Lean-related concepts, and is adept at building customized Lean training programs to fit just about any need.


Hands on in the shop live learning experience, not just classroom training

When class is over you will have a real live improvement to celebrate as well as new experience and learning

Valuable examples from numerous industrial applications

Lean Training Courses
Lean manufacturing training courses
offered include:

Course 1

Lean Overview – Executive Level, introductory training, or reinforcement

Lean Principles with Implementation – Hands on Introductory program including foundational and advanced techniques. Assembly simulation to support concepts of 5S, Continuous Flow, Quality at the Source, Standardized Work and Pull systems

Value Stream Mapping – Methods with Company based Case Study

Standard Work – Why it is used, How to document and create good standard work

5S – Presentation with examples and entertaining exercise as well as real 5S implementation at the company

Course 2

Setup Time Reduction – Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), internal and external time, streamlining for the changeover and setup of machines. Done on a real machine in the company.

Cellular Flow -Work cells to complete a job, TAKT time, speed and quality, single piece flow, pull systems, Point of Use Storage (POUS)

Lean Office – Value Stream analysis and associated improvement techniques for the office to deliver data and process work more efficiently.

Lean Leadership – Culture, Motivating Employees, Communicating, Job Methods and Analysis

A3 Problem Solving – A3 History, Types, and Case Study

Why Do Lean Training with ECIC?
ECIC’ lean workshops are done out on the production shop floor, in the factory where the work happens. We take live conditions and conduct a guided will enable employees to gain an understanding of why to improve and how to improve the work that they perform within the business. Through learning, they become part of the solution and a valuable asset in the competitive environment. Employees will walk away with real techniques that can be applied directly to their work.

Eric Ciampoli is the principal of ECIC. He is ECIC’s lead lean training instructor and has over 14 years of live experience applying lean tools and concepts to real work cells and production facilities. With 5 years of experience in conducting workshops that provide real change and learning.  Eric is a dynamic and engaging instructor and his expertise lies in applying the teaching concepts of lean to the real work that’s being done. Eric has a unique ability to share examples that connect with the audience, while enabling learners to both understand the concept and also see how it can work in their company. Eric has worked in a broad array of hands-on positions prior to becoming a lean consultant. He continually references his own personal experiences to provide

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