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Here's What Other's Say..

Amit Nihalani

"Eric has a great way of listening to people, understanding what they do and then provide meaningful suggestions for improvement. In addition, he identifies areas where you are already doing well and focuses his energy on finding unnecessary steps. Examples includes improving production meetings by encouraging us to only focus on key points and streamlining the work order process."

Rich Mokuol

"I've worked with ECIC for years and I am always impressed with Eric's domain expertise and quality of service. ECIC has supported numerous client projects and always deliver above and beyond all expectations. I would absolutely recommend Eric and ECIC for any client in the hardware/manufacturing space."

Wallace Santos (MAINGEAR CEO)

“We reached out to ECIC Consulting seeking a way to make our computer manufacturing line more efficient. We manufacture very bespoke gaming PCs and workstations, so my only requirement was we maintained or increased the quality of our products while making our manufacturing process more efficient. I can say with confidence that ECIC Consulting helped us achieve our goals. We're now scaling our business while offering a higher quality product. Thank you ECIC Consulting!”
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